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What is GeekTuts?

We’re a group of geeks with a passion and zeal to teach programming to all; not only that, we have an eye for photography and VFX as well. We also love caffeine. And food. Mostly food.

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Meet the Instructors

Sridhama Prakhya

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Shreyansh Pandey

Backend Ninja & Guru
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Sriram Rachapoodi

C++ Bond
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Sai Raghu Ram

Més que un coder
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Jagannath Saragadam

Pinhole Ponderer
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Saketh Kulapaka

Bass Dropper
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Prajwal Shinde

Shutter Addict
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Laxmikanth Prakhya

Digital Prophet
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Our Mission

You’ll find millions of websites (okay, maybe not millions…you get the point) teaching programming; the problem with all of them is that either they’re paid and boring, or they’re free and boring. But not anymore, GeekTuts is determined to provide you with High-Quality Comedy Shows Programming Tutorials which you actually enjoy.